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Risi Competizione strives for perfection when it comes to racing. The same level of dedication and commitment that puts Risi Competizione in the map of winning pro race teams, can also support customer-based race series or stand-alone races. Risi Competizione has many years of experience in professional racing and background expertise in supporting customer racing as well, in series like Ferrari Challenge, GT World Challenge, TC America, Masters Historic Racing, among others.

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Risi Competizione can bring the experience of being a winning team in the biggest races in the world, to support customer racing as well. The same dedicated and professional approach is what amateur racers need to build up confidence in the team, car, and themselves. Supporting customers in Ferrari Challenge series, which has now been successful for over thirty years, SRO races, Masters Historic, Road to Le Mans, 24 Hours of Le Mans, 24 Hours of Daytona, or even for track days activities, Risi Competizione can assist most formats of customer racing. Aspiring racers with or without previous racing experience are welcome, the Risi team will assist as needed each step of the way.