Giuseppe Risi

Owner, Ferrari of Houston and Ferrari of The Woodlands

Founder and Team Principal, Risi Competizione

Giuseppe Risi is the owner of Ferrari of Houston and Ferrari of The Woodlands. He is also the Founder and Team Principal of Risi Competizione, the most successful Ferrari GT Racing Team in American history. He has forty years of experience in international competition, racing everything from F1 cars to sports prototypes and GTs and over thirty years of experience as a Ferrari dealer. Risi is known for his extremely high standards in every facet of any automotive enterprise he is involved with, and he demands the highest professional and knowledge standards on the sales floor as well as the deepest technical education and experience on the shop floor.

Giuseppe Risi’s belief in doing things the “right way, all the time” has created one of the great Ferrari dealerships in the world, one which is vertically integrated and has the technical capability of handing everything from engine rebuilds to major bodywork and restoration. Why make the investment in extra services like a state-of-the-art body shop or multiple machine shops and engine/gearbox rebuilding rooms? Because both clients and cars deserve the very best in terms of capabilities and knowledge.

Further, by keeping such key services in-house, under one roof and management, it is possible to tightly control the quality of the work at Ferrari of Houston and Risi Competizione and that quality is one the trademarks – maybe THE trademark – of a Guiseppe Risi dealership. Risi has always believe that perfection is a good starting point. The business has been built and managed to that standard from Day 1.